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DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM TEAMWEAR - Click Here to get started

Corporate Responsibility

Aussie Pacific takes and considers the issue of social responsibility very seriously.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self regulation integrated into a business model. CSR-is also known as corporate conscience, social performance or sustainable responsible business.
Aussie Pacific offers innovative products and services while conserving, protecting and enhancing resources. To do this, Aussie Pacific’s CSR Policy functions as a built in self regulating mechanism to monitor and ensure an active compliance within the spirit of the law and also ethical standards.
The goal of the Aussie Pacific CSR is to embrace and enhance responsibility for the company’s actions and to encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, our consumers, our employee communities, our stakeholders and our valued clients.
CSR is a non-binding principle that has received status in relation to both private and corporate sectors particularly in relation to workers conditions and the use of under age or child labour.
Our objective is to provide a set of requirements that when effectively implemented provides full confidence that we consistently provide goods and services that meet your ethical needs and quality expectations and comply with all necessary regulations both in China and Australia. The factory falls under the ISO (ISO:9001)umbrella which is an international standard that gives requirement for an organisation’s quality management system.
Aussie Pacific does this in well managed factories. There is no forced, under age or child abour used in the manufacture of these retail quality garments. Workers rights and entitlements are also at the fore front as you would expect because Aussie Pacific is an Australian owned and operated company.